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Fear the Greeks

Script: Lakis Lazopoulos,Tom Galbraith 

Direction: John Tatoulis 

Music: Mikis Theodorakis 

Photography Director: Peter Zaharof 



Lakis Lazopoulos 

Zoe Karidis 

John Blouthal 

Tasso Kavvadia 

Noni Ioannidou 

Tasos Palantzidis 




"Fear the Greeks" is a romantic comedy about one feud that went wrong.A story of passion and madness that unfolds in three generations and two countries. 

Manos,is a teacher who must give an end at a feud that lasts for 57 years.George is his twin brother,a tough Cretan man,who wants to run the feud by himself.Before the end of the film,they will come more close and fall in love with the women they want and will give a life and forgiveness lesson,to their furious for revenge grandmother.