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God Loves Caviar

Script: John Smaragdis,Panagiotis Paschidis,Jackie Pavlenko,Vladimir Valutsky 

Direction: Yiannis Smaragdis 

Music: Minos Matsas 

Photography Director: Aris Stavrou 

Editing: George Mavropsaridis 

Sets: Nikos Petropoulos 

Costume Design: Lala Huete 



Sebastian Koch 

Catherine Deneuve 

Lakis Lazopoulos 

Evgeny Stitskin 

Juan Diego Boto

Olga Soutoulova

John Kliz

Akis Sakellariou

Marisa Triantafylidou

Nick Ashdon



The story of a Greek waterway and benefactor of Greece and Russia,John Varvakis,is an epic tale which starts from poor ''Psara'',before the Greek Revolution against Turkey,and reaches the courtyard of Catherine the Great and Russian land,and leads to revolutionary Greece of 1821.

Corsairs in the Aegean, political games in the courtyard of Russian 'tsarina', the discovery and exploitation of caviar from the Greek John Varvakis,complex conspiracies of the Great Powers against Greeks, loves, friendships, betrayals and family dramas composing the fictionalized life of this wierd and yet so emblematic and attractive Greek.