Al Tsantiri News
Al Tsantiri News

''Al Tsantiri News'' : This Tuesday at 21:00 p.m.

Comes unpredictable and impetuous! As a rebellious ten-year old, so we count ten years already filled with Al Tsantiri, sticking his tongue in solemnity and wink in mischief. Contests, sears, sarcastically,  laughs, touched. 
The Tsantiri will hit 10 times in the coming year, the year of major developments. 
For the tenth consecutive year, Lakis Lazopoulos Tsantiri setting up in order to accommodate the unreal reality that we experience. The materials? The serious, the lightly logical and absurd everyday, the protagonists and stories of political, social and television craze. The tools? The insight, the satirist reason, the primary surplus subversive mood. 
With merciless satire, subversive humor, caustic comments, murderous quotes, bitter truths and emotional moments, the "Al Tsantiri News" will "spoil" and the good from the inside out, who and what caused the laughter, the tears, the anger and our nerves. 
So ready, suspicious and foot throttle, because vehicle satire will become again the ... Tuesday!