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Premiere of the new series "Dia Tauta" !


The courtroom,gives plenty of comments to the hot news bulletin.That's where Lakis Lazopoulos found his inspiration for his well awaited return on television.In his courtroom though,there will be plenty of laughter.Extraordinary mixs ups and marriage cheating.Hairdressers fighting and ladies which are proved to be no "ladies".Unholy priests and respectable citizens who are (also)serial killers.Law officials and undreground people.Crush anti-authoritarians and nationalists.Familiar figures of legendary "Mitsous",but also new,indescribable figures stand in front of television and testify ,without fear but with passion,everything that they know about "Dia tauta".With Lakis Lazopoulos-who wrote six out of twelve separate episodes-"Dia tauta",the new comedy show of Alpha,starts its trials on Wednesday 12 February at 21:00.The Judge is Costas Koklas,his assistant Sofia Moutidou and  attorney Costas Koronaios,the court of "Dia tauta" wants to prove that justice,except of being blind, is also crazy and hillarious. 

Next to Lakis Lazopoulos Giannis Bezos, Vladimiros Kyriakides,Vasilis Charalampopoulos,Apostolos Gletsos,Helen Gerasimidou,Bessy Malfa,Smaragda Karidi,Panagiota Vlanti, Fay Ksyla,Giannis Bostantzoglou, Gerasimos Gennatas,Christos Chatzipanagiotis,Lefteris Eleutheriou,Helen Kastani and Efi Papatheodorou play the role of accused and defendants.While some witnesses are Takis Zaxaratos,Tryfon Samaras and Lakis Gavalas,who will make some occasional appearances.

The direction,of this <<unusual>>  judicial series,is made by Dimitris Stamatopoulos while the scripts of the other six episodes are written by Maria Georgiadou,Panos Eksarxos,Helen Solomou,Costas Papadopoulos,Nick Stathopoulos and Vicky Koukoutsi.

If laugh is considered to be a crime,"Dia Tauta",fully aware of the seriousness of the case,is confessing total guilt.And from February 12,comes to substantiate it with some hillarious evidence...