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"Sorry I'm Greek" in Thessaloniki!



A satirical comedy in free translation, "The Greek man got crazy and they sell him free".'Tsolias', after Athens and Thessaloniki, goes on the stage of Melrose Ballroom in New York.Along with seven other Greeks,who are impersonated uniquely by Lakis Lazopoulos,narrate their lives after the crisis either by talking to themselves or conversing with other Greeks at the time of desperation.Eight hillarious stories written by Lakis Lazopoulos for today.
'Tsolias', the policeman who asks for his help,a modern Greek family, a visit of a mother to her cousin in Dusseldorf,which should pay off her  country's debts suitcase by suitcase,a firefighter who has no idea about fires,but he got the job because of a fraud he made.Some geek friends in Mykonos,who were trying to empty an arbitary pool,as they decide to raise the revolution flag in Super Paradise.One who lives in a boat,after having left his home,his wife,his children  and decides not to come out on land again.The excellent duet of the greek singer and the fat 'Pasoktzis',named 'Babis of nyxtompeton',a constructor in several villas which are built into the forests illegally,always with the approval of the State and by bribing the authorities and finally the shocking figure of the man today,a tired Hamlet,a today's Greek,who stays awake in fear of someone breaking into his house and steal everything he owns.All these heroes of today illuminate the way in which Greece found itself in recent years,but also illuminate the country's overcoming the current sufferings. 
* The show is constantly enriched and updated, based on current affairs*
Script: Lakis Lazopoulos 
Director: Lakis Lazopoulos 
Sets: George Gavalas 
Choreography: Frosso Korrou 
Costumes: Sophia Zuber, Daphne Iliopoulou 
Lights: Eleftheria Deko 
Actors: Lakis Lazopoulos,Vlachopoulou Helen,Sotiris Venetis,Kefaleas Phaidon, Nicholas Bravos, George Rustem, Tsitsos Yota.
Musicians: Vasilis Panagiotopoulos (piano) - Stavros Deriziotis (bouzouki) - Dinos Hatzopoulos (guitar)