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Al Tsantiri News

The Girl with the Suitcases


Scripts: Nikos Nikolaidis

Direction: Nikos Nikolaidis


Lakis Lazopoulos

Meredyth Herold

Mirka Kalatzopoulou

Hristos Simardanis


Summer in Greece,August and 40 degrees Celsius.

Michael,a thirty-one,failed student from Komotini,a guest in his cousin's  apartment Takis,who is on vacation somewhere in the islands, spends his days trying to find a job. One day the doorbell rang and an American unknown,Patricia,showed up looking for his cousin.The girl speaks only English,carrying two big laguages and seems desperate.Michael speaks only Greek and he is determined not to be involved in strange stories.Though,he finds the girl really atractive and despite of their communication seem to be impossible,he made the mistake of letting her stay the night in the apartment.. A love game starts between them.When Patricia fell asleep,Michael looked into her laguages and discovered,surprised,the content..

The next morning the intense ringing of the bell,woke them up.It was the police..