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Ten Little Jimmies / Deka Mikroi Mitsoi


The "Deka Mikroi Mitsoi" is a comedy show on greek television,which was played from 1992 to 2004.

The script was written by Lakis Lazopoulos who also had the leading role.Directed by Athena Aidini.

It was one of the greatest successes on television with ratings havings reached up to 50%.It might have been the longest non-daily Tv series.The main episodes were finished in 1995 but Lakis Lazopoulos woulf return once a year with a special episode commenting on the most significant current affairs.The episode of 1996 "Ola ta kaneis America" can be one such example,where the author through his characters refers to the events at Imia.


Through a total of 20 main characters,portrayed by Lakis Lazopoulos himself,these series attempted to critisize the ills of society at that time.The success of the series  is due to a variety of roles,as well as the sarcastic humor of the author.

These series had its own special broadcast,as it wasn't an ordinary weekly series.In the first 8 episodes which came out between April and June 1992, the episodes were shown every two weeks.The time of the episodes wasn't stable either.The first episodes lasted from 45 minutes to one hour, while the last episodes in 2003 were much longer,as they were special.



The first "Mitsos" was a typical family man.With his wife Ririka (played by Iro Mane),talk about everyday routine.Ririka was in love with the news presenter ,with whom she was talking .They first appeared in the first episode of the series,and for the last time in the third season.(1993-1994)


The most recognized and the classic "Mitsos" of Lazopoulos.Shown with his wife Elenitsa (played by Helen Gerasimidou),talki about everything that is going on around them.The most usual topic of discussion is Elenitsa's weight.They appear at least once in each season(except the 3rd) and the set remains the same for over 12 years.


Another character named Mitsos,with the difference that he represents the elderly.The strange thing about,is that his co-star appealed more.That role was his wife, who was played by Paul Chaikalis.The old lady who was unfaithful,appeared in the first episode of the series,reappeared in the second half of the second season,and made few appearances until a special episode in 1998,where Paul Chaikalis played the role of priest called Papalampros,who coincidentally was one of the main second roles in another Greek series "Ti psuxi tha paradwseis mwri?".


Dimitris is the rich news presenter.Ririka is in love with him and Jenny (Sophia Philippidou) is his wife.They deal with the facts in apathy.Moreover Jenny made ​​several attempts to commit suicide due to boredom.Dimitris was fired at the end of the second season,and half a year later,his post was taken by Emmanuela Groumpoulaki.


The "Gyftos" with his wife (Sophia Philippidou), satirize reality.Sophia Philippidou leaves the series at the end of the second season, and "Gyftos" was  promoted to news presenter from 1993 until the end of the series.

6.Mitsos Feugouleas

The policeman "Feugouleas" represents the Law through in a humorous side,and  was created so that Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis could be commented on.Along with his loyal assistant,(K.Ntesarkisian),fight crime from mid-1992 until the end of the series.

7.The Mitsi Widow

The most known "Mitsos" of all.Her popularity was constantly increasing since she first appeared in the end of the first season.She appears nonstop  in each episode with an extensive role.She represents the female presence in Greek society that tries to do everything and was acompanied by many actors such as:her children(Maria Georgiadou,Chris Xatzipanagiotis),her son's mother in law (Carmen Rougeri) and her husband to be(K.Tsianos)who was a General.There were a lot of other guest stars.Initially,Lazopoulos tried through this role,to mime Sappho Notara(particulary her speaking manner),but later the Widow evolved  in who we know today.

8.The Prisoner

The Prisoner satirized the politics,for about 8 years with Chris Chatzipanagioti and Christos Efthimiou.His escape in the fourth season was unsuccesful,but he played a significant part as the person in charge of  the Secret service Prison Agency.

9.O Anthropakos

"O Anthropakos" is a terrified citizen managed to get away from his oppressive mother Maria Foka and practises his courage to overcome his fears.He falls in love with the unprotected women such as Mirka Papakonstantinou and Daphne Lamprogianni.He is one of the few characters that barely changed since 1992.

10.Mitsi Karamitsi

The succesful and popular folk singer Mitsi Karamitsi,appeared in the episode "O minas exei dekatreis"in the second season.Acompanied by her best friend Ksanthi "Karakaltaka" Tsoglanoglou (Matilda Maggira)and the hairdresser Leonidas(Bill Charalampopoulos).All three of them commented  on Tv celebritites mostly the most successful singers.However they talked about their love life mainly.During the domnstrations against the measures imposed by the Prime Minister Papathemelis at the time,regarding nightclubs,"Mitsi"sang the great success,"Papathemeli - Papathemeli".The last years of the series,her role was minimized till she was taken out completely.


He is a geek coming from a rich family,his hair in the well-known fringe,which later became the trademark of emo,appeared in the same episode with Mitsi Karamitsi.His co-star Christofer Papakaliatis ,an un-known actor at the time.They were critisizing the mentality of the new generation.Two of his affairs were quite known.Michelle was introduced after their break up.The second is his 'love at first sight' Elisavet(Lilian Dimitrakopoulou),which  was shown for three years.Later,when Papakaliatis left the series,he was replaced by several actors,such as George Seitaridis,Renos Xaralampidis and Mikis Theodorakis.

12.Tzimis(or Tzims)

Well-known Tzimis from Karditsa,is Tzimis's cousin from the rich family.He came up when two families mixed and appeared in the begginig of second season(1993).In 95% of his scenes,he talks on a pay phone at the Bus Station of Karditsa and there is hardly any actor playing with him,unlike the rest of the characters.He remained the same over time.

13.Konstantinos Karamanlis

Lazopoulos impersonated Karamanlis before and after his death,who along with his servant Theodore(T.Palantzidis),were gazing the present looking back the past in nostalgia.A classic example of this, is when Haroula Alexiou suddenly appeared.


"Moutsos" appeared as a...ship worker on a boat along with Tasos Palantzidis and the captain Chris Euthimiou.In the middle of season four he was promoted as a taxi driver with Palantzidis,while making a few appearances on the boat,like the one with Milva.Tasos Palantzidis and Moutsos symbolize modern Greeks who seek material prosperity.Many great Greeks actors have been in the taxi such as Rena Vlaxopoulou and Sperantza Vrana.The long-awaited meeting took place there between Thomas(Thanasis Vegkos) and Ilias(Costas Xatzixristos)after 30 and more years.


The blond spoilt rich girl invades Jimmy's life trying to get back together.But,unfortunatelly,he had no such intention.Nevertheless, she continues to make his life  difficult until 2000.Michelle's special features was a telephone-banana she has-,and her failed mincing voice.Her mother is Emmanuela Groumpoulaki.She has a sister,Renata(Dimitra Papadopoulou),whom she considers as an rival.Renata appeared only once and since then very few references are made about her.

16.Emmanuela Groumpoulaki

Emmanueala Groumpoulaki (or else "The rich woman"),appeared on the Christmas episode of "Deka Mikroi Mitsoi" in 1994 and since then she has been in every episode.She is the rich one,who chats on the phone about trivial matters.She rarely appears on her scenes without her antic telephone,which she adores.The most common chat topic is Gianna-Aggelopoulou-Daskalaki.

17.The Hairdresser

"Dimis"or the "Hairdresser",is one of the most recent "Mitsous"of Lazopoulos,as he first appeared when the series stopped broadcasting regulary.He plays with Vasilis Xaralampopoulos,his lover.This role was created to satirize the fact that most Greek series included a character like him."Dimis"talks to everyone as if they were women even if they are men.

18.O Salonikios

The last "Mitsos" is Salonikios,who along with his best friend Dimitris Starovas sit all day on the terrace of a house in Thessaloniki,drink Greek cold coffee and discuss current affairs.His moto "Xalara",with a heavy local accent,is one of the most popular.